The Portal

Systems of Care for Live Art: The Floor

Yve Laris Cohen, Plywood and battens from Meeting Ground (2018).

It’s Showtime NYC! Photograph by Pascal Sonnet.

Photograph by Cori Olinghouse.

Systems of Care for Live Art brings curatorial students and performance practitioners together to discuss the role of performance within museum spaces. Borrowing from pragmatic concerns of site and location, buildings and floors, The Portal’s first annual convening grounds its presence by addressing both physical as well as the metaphorical presence of The Floor. By literally and metaphorically “giving the floor” to artists and performers, this three-part gathering will include presentations, discussions and group work to speak on the problems of performance in museum spaces. "What is this floor?" "What is it made of?" "What does it do to me?" "How do I feel being on it?" "What forms of dance are supported, not supported?" "And, how do various performance vernaculars require different kinds of thought/consideration?" and eventually, "Is there anything I can do about it?" These inquiries orient new ways of looking, practicing and considering what is increasingly an unstable ground.