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The Little Destroyer and a Collection of Others

Drawing by Lauren Simkin Berke © 2014.

The Little Destroyer and a Collection of Others is a dialogue of live action and the drawn image, taking inspiration from early 19th century animations created between Eccentric Dancers and animators. Choreographer Cori Olinghouse, joined by visual artist Lauren Simkin Berke and movement collaborator Neal Beasley, situate characters in a crude and comical theatrical space of cardboard cutouts, panoramas, real-time drawing and line drawn scenography to underscore questions about authenticity and constructed identities. In the early stages of development, this work places the artists' respective practices in conversation, seeking to transpose the moving body into drawn characters and animate the two-dimensional image. Highlighting the ways that different artistic mediums contend with representation, the artists' draw from a shared interest in American vernacular forms (silent film, Vaudeville, Eccentric Dance, 1920's cartoon art, found photographs and ephemera), foregrounding and blurring distinctions between abstraction and representation.