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Camera-Body, a workshop for cinematic arts and dance makers

Archie Burnett. Photograph by Andrew Eccles.

This interdisciplinary workshop brings students together in a hands-on, movement oriented laboratory. Students will work with legendary club dancer Archie Burnett, artist and archivist Cori Olinghouse, and filmmaker Jules Rosskam to explore the relationship between the empowered body and the responsive camera.

Burnett, known for his individual freestyle of voguing, waacking, and hustle, is a pioneer of Old Way Vogue, a style innovated also by his friend and collaborator, Willi Ninja, the grandfather of Voguing. Moving between fluid expressions of gender, and rhythmic stops and poses, he angles his body in silky spirals, using “contrapposto” to perform for an imagined camera. Interweaving practices of embodiment and visual storytelling, this workshop explores the ways cinematic images are co-constituted between performers and filmmakers.