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Ghost lines

Drawing by Lauren Simkin Berke © 2013.

This program opens with Ghost line, a 16mm film collaboration with filmmaker Shona Masarin, in which optical printing, hand painting, drawing, and frame-by-frame animation are utilized to summon the materiality and physicality of a ghost clown, exploding the surface of the film through tactile interventions.

The live portion of the evening consists of interlocking ghost and shadow solos performed by myself and Michelle Dorrance, Elizabeth Keen, Mina Nishimura, and Eva Schmidt. Scrambling through multiple personalities and pseudo stories, each character maps multiple lines through the piece — visual line, narrative line, historical line, and the comedy of line.

Ghost lines began as my solo improvisational practice, which explores the body as a conduit for transformation. With my body as medium, a series of imagined spaces, forms, characters, and personalities drift through, take form, and dissolve again, in a continuous "gesture line drawing." I draw from a wide array of influences ranging from silent film comedians to eccentric dancers such as Max Wall and Hal Le Roy, to absurdist visual forms of Dada/Surrealism, Oskar Schlemmer, and the Theater of the Bauhaus.