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Cori Olinghouse, Grandma (2018). Photograph by Andrew Jordan.

Cori Olinghouse, Grandma (2018). Video documentation by ODC Theater.

In this iteration of Grandma, ODC Theater presents an evening of works by Cori Olinghouse, her Clown Therapy workshop, and Limited Edition: Forward Looking Lineages a performative exchange and discussion developed in partnership Open Space, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Opening with Ghost line, a 16mm film collaboration with filmmaker Shona Masarin, optical printing, hand painting, drawing, and frame-by-frame animation are utilized to summon the materiality and physicality of the clown, exploding the surface of the film through tactile interventions. Grandma, a live performance set in an American landscape of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, excavates the effects of television, the media, and familial pasts.