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Haptic Writing (vol. 1)

Documentation of at Louis Place

This workshop brings artists and practitioners together to consider writing as a somatic and sensorial practice. Using improvisation and movement as a way to approach verbal description, we draw from Jane Bennett’s notion of “words as sticky substances,” as a way to approach words at the “level of their sensuous specificity."

We will also experiment with Laura Mark’s notion of haptic visuality, where the “eyes themselves function like organs of touch,” inviting a tactile relation—a touching, more than looking. Time will be spent reading sketches together, ending with a collective discussion.

About at Louis Place:

We are a community of generous readers and writers sharing ideas, listening to each other, studying together, learning from one another, and taking each other seriously. We are writing glossaries, short stories, screenplays, guides, essays, ghost stories, poems, morning pages, memoirs, syllabi, haiku, artist statements, journals, notes, fellowship applications, plays, sorrow songs, proposals.