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From curator Judy Hussie-Taylor:

The artists who were commissioned for the Wit & Absurdity section of Body Madness share certain characteristics: 1) they employ wit (both physical and intellectual), often with a Beckett-like humor; 2) they make work that is intentionally off-kilter, creating uncertainty in the viewer; 3) they are rigorous improvisers and place a high value on the performative unknown; 4) they walk a fine line between art and entertainment and are intentionally ambiguous about the difference; 5) there is a structural madness, just when you are convinced it’s all falling a part, it suddenly comes together.



voix de ville

Archie Burnett, Bill Irwin, Javier Ninja, and Kota Yamazaki

Danspace Project



The Animal Suite: Experiments in Vaudeville and Shapeshifting

Cori Olinghouse

Danspace Project